Innovation made in Germany

amiea med is a brand of MT.DERM GmbH, a family-owned company with over 200 employees. Our precise high-tech devices are manufactured in our 5200 m² factory in Berlin, where our highly skilled production technicians use state-of-the-art machines to produce our products. The machine park includes CNC machines, specially developed manufacturing automation, as well as packaging machines. Production takes place, among other things, in a cleanroom. Manual work steps are continuously optimized according to Lean concepts.

Quality assurance for microneedling excellence

At MT.DERM GmbH, we operate according to strict ethical principles, with the highest quality standards at the core of our work philosophy. This dedication is evident in the precise design of high-quality microneedling devices, a culmination of years of continuous development pushing the limits of their capabilities for achieving optimal results. Bolstering this commitment is our team of specially trained employees, undergoing regular advanced training to maintain our standards. Their synchronized teamwork ensures a seamless production and work process.

Our development process adheres to the ISO 13485 certification, ensuring the highest standards in medical product development. From design and programming to assembly, every step is meticulously planned and continually optimized. Phase-dependent design reviews are an integral part of our approach. No needle module leaves our production facility before it has been inspected by our employees under a special microscope. This quality control process is additionally supported by automated processes. Our dedication to quality is an integral part of our commitment to excellent products.