EXCEED your experience – with the EXCEED safety cartridges, ensuring outstanding safety.

The EXCEED safety cartridge system ensures outstanding safety. The needles are integrated into a disposable hygienic cartridge sealed by a patented safety membrane that prevents liquid contamination of the device.

Features & Benefits

Patented and validated safety membrane

  • prevents backflow of liquids to reduce the risk of contamination to the handpiece

Tilting needle plate

  • adapts to the surface of the skin for perpendicular needle penetration
  • allows circular treatment for faster, more efficient treatment
  • causes no sagging on the skin’s surface

Premium high-quality needles

  • high precision and penetration force
  • little to no recovery time; redness fades away shortly after recovery time
  • low risk of infection due to rapid closure of puncture, less risk of undesirable effects
  • less pain for patient

Technical parameters

6-point needle plate

  • needle length: 1.5 mm
  • Ø needle (at the bottom): max. 0.2 mm
  • Ø needle tip: virtually zero
  • Ø cartridge head: 12 mm
  • Gap between needles: 1.5 mm

The products of amiea med represent a great advancement in the medical-aesthetic market.
The small module head allows for precise work on acne scars in hard-to-reach areas, which are poorly accessible with other devices. Each puncture induces controlled penetration to stimulate the release of growth factors and resulting collagen production.

Sabine Zenker MD
Dermatologist, Munich, Germany

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